Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another Day at 86 Briarcliff Castle Estates - July 14/15


I am getting way behind on updating my blog (which I knew would happen... lol)

Of course I have been over at 86 Briarcliff Castle Estates many times since my last blog entry doing all kinds of work... here is a sample of different projects:

• brought over an electrician to give a quote for doing electrical work. Quote was $16,000
• lot's of cleaning outdoors, and landscaping
• working on getting basic water hooked up...
• "grokking" interior for ideas on layout and electrical & plumbing hook-ups
• hooking up solar lights
• brought Kubota up to help with landscaping

Here is a list of features for 86 Briarcliff Castle Estates:

very "green", sustainable technologies
passive solar home design elements
tankless hotwater
super insulated enclosure with super tight caulking
gray water reuse
rain water capture
low e glass
radiant floor heat
high velocity AC
energy star appliances
green bamboo floors
green recycled glass counter tops
as much natural resouces from local manufacturers
wind grid tie system
solar grid tie system
CF & LED lighting
solar lighting for outside lights
low VOC paints

My main goal is to create an incredible estate for me and my family AND have fun doing it!

July 2009

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